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Design Engineering

RCMTCC provides the most comprehensive range of engineering services available to the Power Generation Sector supplying solutions to both OEMs and operating stations.

Services Include:

  •    Engineer, Procure, Construct and Commission
  •    Project Engineering and Management
  •    Electrical Engineering and Design & Instrumentation and Control System Engineering and Design
    • Electrical Power System Analysis using ETAP
      • Producing and analyzing grounding grids
      • Short circuit analysis of an electrical system
      • Modeling of a power system
      • Load flow analysis of an electrical system
  •    Mechanical Engineering and Design
    • Piping Stress Analysis including Static, Dynamic and Seismic using AutoPIPE, Caesar II and PEPS
      • ASME B31.1/B31.3 Piping Codes
      • ASME B&PV Code, Section III
    • Finite Element Analysis using ANSYS
      • ASME B&PV Code Sections III and VIII
      • Steady-state/transient thermal and fatigue
      • Elastic-plastic/non-linear
      • Buckling and instability
    • Computational Fluid Dynamics using ANSYS CFX
      • Fluid Flow Simulations
      • Thermal Simulations
      • Rotating Machinery
      • Multispecies/Multiphase Flows
      • Multiphysics Simulations (FSI, Thermal Coupled FEA, etc.)
    • Network Flow Analysis and Sizing of Piping Components
    • Metal forming Analysis
    • Walkdown Screening and Seismic Evaluation (SQUG GIP)
  •    Civil/Structural Engineering and Design
    • Structural Analysis including Static, Dynamic and Seismic using STAAD.Pro
    • Load Drop and Structural Integrity Analysis using LS-DYNA
  •    Systems Engineering and Design
  •    Computer-Aided Design and Drafting
  •    Engineering Design Analysis
  •    Computer Software Development
  •    Piping/Support Design and Analysis
  •    Fire Protection Design/Engineering
  •    Security System Design/Engineering
  •    Configuration Management Services
  •    Materials Management – procurement/spare parts engineering
  •    Training
  •    Pressure Vessels

For more information, please contact:

Jason Burnett, P.Eng.
Vice President & Chief Engineer

Project Management

RCMTCC is a premier single-source provider of project management, engineering, business and technology solutions. We have provided Project Management expertise to our clients for over 35 years using a proven combination of industry experience and Project Management Institute (PMI) based training and procedures.

RCMTCC follows the PMI Five-Phase Project Lifecycle.

  1. Initiation – Define a new project or new phase, identify stakeholders, and obtain authorization. “Authorize the Work”
  2. Planning – Develop an integrated project management plan to attain project objectives. “Plan the Work”
  3. Executing – Complete the work and satisfy project objectives. “Work the Plan”
  4. Monitoring & Control – Track and review project progress and performance; manage variance and change. “Control the Plan”
  5. Closing – Finalize all activities and formally close the project or phase. “End the Work”

RCMTCC’s Project Management team consists of highly qualified Project Management Professionals who have led numerous nuclear and commercial projects of varying size and complexity to success.

RCMTCC’s Project Managers work closely with Engineering and Project Controls to strategically create and execute a project plan that delivers on client expectations of scope, schedule and cost.

Over the years, RCMTCC has developed a portfolio of capabilities that offers a breadth of experience and resources to meet our customer’s needs.

RCMTCC’s team of experienced Project Managers oversee and control projects at all stages from conception to completion through:

  • Stakeholder and Impacted Business Area Identification
  • Project Goal Identification
  • Scope and Deliverable Definition
  • Project Execution
    • Schedule Management
    • Effective Risk/Issue Management
    • Communication and Stakeholder Management
    • Resource Control
    • Comprehensive Reporting and Key Performance Indicator Management

For more information, please contact:

Clayton McLean, M.A.Sc., P.Eng
Vice President Projects

Procurement Engineering

Competitive Edge

RCMTCC Procurement Engineering and Supply Chain has been an integral part of many successful Nuclear and Commercial projects. Our team consists of highly qualified experts and has a proven track record in managing procurement projects as large as $100M from start to finish. We have team of 20 qualified individuals (Procurement Engineers and Procurement Specialists).

Our team specializes in:

  • Development of Engineering Specifications and Requirements
  • Technical evaluations and item equivalencies
  • Non-identical component replacements
  • Creating Bills of Materials (BOMs)
  • Source Surveillance and Identifying qualified suppliers
  • Commercial and Nuclear Grade material procurement
    • Nuclear Class 1, 2 ,3, 4 and NF materials
    • Pressure Boundary Material
  • Receiving, inspecting and warehousing
  • History Docket Preparation

Our main clients include Ontario Power Generation (Nuclear Division) and Bruce Power.

For more information, please contact:

Jason Burnett, P.Eng.
Vice President & Chief Engineer

Performance Engineering

RCMTCC has assembled a dynamic team of experts with over 250 years of combined experience in nuclear Operations, Maintenance, Engineering, Reactor Safety and Licensing.  These highly qualified performance engineering team members (PET) have been chosen specifically because each has a proven track record of sustained high performance and delivering results.  Due to PET ’s seamless, cross-functional working paradigm, solutions reflect a multi-discipline approach that greatly increases their efficient execution through all process steps from conception to implementation and effectiveness and for every plant operating environment.

PET capabilities include:

  • Operations:
    • Innage and Outage Planning/Management
    • Troubleshooting
    • Commissioning
    • Lay-up/Safe Storage Support
    • Fuel Handling Management
    • Training Development (SAT and knowledge based), and Execution including licensing and simulator
    • Reactivity Management performance evaluations
  • Maintenance:
    • Risk based PM Optimization including ‘Value Based Maintenance’
    • Maintenance Efficiency Assessment and Optimization
    • Condition Based Monitoring implementation and assessment
    • I&C and Electrical Skills training
    • Troubleshooting
    • Outage Preparation and support
    • Pump, Air and Motorized Valve program support
  • Engineering:
    • System, Component and Design support
    • FLR and Equipment Reliability programs
    • Risk based (SCDF, LRF, etc.) conceptual design development
    • Asset management program development
    • Environmental Qualification Gap Analysis and Assessments
    • Aging Management program support and rationalization
    • Civil structure and Passive SSC assessment
    • Major Component LCMP
    • System and Functional FMEA
    • Obsolescence and Spares management
    • Component Assessment
  • Reactor Safety:
    • Licensing and Regulator support
    • IIP implementation

In addition, across all disciplines, RCMTCC’s PET has extensive experience with project, COMS and assessing support, peer mentoring, WANO Review preparedness, SCR evaluations and SOER biennial reviews and Root Cause methodology.

RCMTCC’s PET includes:

  • Previous CANDU licensed personnel at the ANO/CRO, CRS, SM and DOM level
  • Maintenance specialists including I&C and Electrical
  • Civil, Electrical, I&C and Mechanical Professional Engineers


  • Crafted and executed new Aging Management governance that resulted in a greater than 90% reduction in Component Condition Assessment/Aging Management Action numbers and costs; obtained by leveraging the client’s existing integrated set of programs and activities along with their robust on-line and outage monitoring, testing and maintenance.
  • Created a methodology for extending EQ Qualified Life to support continued service beyond current end-of-life. Followed up by implementing the methodology on over 200 EQAs in support of extending the licenced operating life of a station and were able to identify life extending strategies for over 70% of the subject components.
  • Completed ahead of schedule, under budget and accepted by the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC) a client’s Integrated Implementation Plan (IIP) in advance of the submission deadline. The IIP project’s success was made possible by bringing together senior level industry experts with extensive knowledge of the client’s site and CNSC policies, programs, and personnel, promoting and capitalizing on cross-organizational teamwork.
  • Applied a Value Based Maintenance (VBM) methodology to over 7500 client PMIDs. Of those, over 3500 were identified as candidates for Run-To-Maintenance. Based on the information obtained through the client’s PASSPORT-based work management tool, the potential savings in eliminating these PMIDs represented annual costs saving of over $3.5M and maintenance savings of over 57,000 hours annually.
  • Worked with a client’s analysis team to create a series of simple modifications that reduced the station’s perennially high LRF and SCDF scores to the best in the Ontario CANDU fleet.

For more information, please contact:

Les Carter, P.Eng.
Senior Technical Specialist

Energy Services Canada

RCM acquired Point Comm Inc. in 2014, which is now known as RCM Technologies Energy Services Canada.

RCM Technologies Energy Services Canada provides exceptional engineering, design and commissioning services in the transmission and distribution sectors.

Please visit the RCM Technologies Energy Services website for more information or contact:

Frank Petraglia
Division President – Engineering Services

IT Staffing and Solutions

At the core of RCM’s 35 year history is the ability to provide qualified candidates to our customers in a timely and cost effective manner to address their business needs.

Whether we are providing a solution to an emerging growth company that requires a single qualified resource or an entire project team along with RCM project management oversight to a Fortune 100 client – we have the experience, resources and systems to meet our client’s requirements.  Please visit the RCMT careers page for more details.

Our customers consistently provide positive feedback and additional work requests to our highly qualified Recruiters and Account Executives for the following reasons:Pyramid layout from top to bottom: Engagement Initiation Process (Ensuring Success). Submit Premier Candidates to Client (Understanding the Total Requirement). Profile the best Candidates for Submission. Conduct Reference Checks. Conduct Technical Interview (Repeatable Processes). Qualify Final Candidates. Source & Screen Candidates. Create candidate profile. Assign certified recruiters. Premier Search tools (National Database of tools).

  • Qualified Candidates with Technical and Cultural Fit
  • Cost Effective Solutions
  • Responsiveness to Time Critical Needs
  • Seasoned National Recruiting Team
  • Industry Leading Recruiting Systems and Methodology
  • Account Executives Focused on Business Relationships
  • Career Management for Qualified Candidates
  • Leveraging 35 Years of Experience
  • Client Specific Solutions

We Aren’t One Size Fits All

  • IT and Engineering Capabilities
  • RCM’s Proprietary Resource Pool
  • Scalable Solutions

From One Resource to an Entire Team

  • Fortune 100 Across to Emerging Growth Companies
  • Large Engagement Oversight by RCM Project Managers

The Right Resource at the Right Place at the Right Time – that makes RCM the Right Choice Made for our Clients.

Staffing Expertise

The following is a listing of the broad categories of consultants we place:

Hardware Engineers
Analog & Digital
Design Assembly
Electrical Engineering
Field Service Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
RFID Engineering
Test Engineering
Test Technicians
Information Systems
Applications Programming
Business Systems Analysis
Client / Server Development
Computer Operations
Customer Support
Data Modeling
Database Administration
Database Design
Database Development
Data Communications
Help Desk
Imaging Systems
LAN / WAN Design & Implementation
Project Management
Quality Assurance & Testing
Statistical Programming
Systems Administration
Systems Analysis
Systems Programming
Software Engineering
Applications Development
Customer Relationship Management
Data Communications
Database Technology
Device Drivers
Expert Systems
Embedded Internals
Graphics Internals
Image Processing
Language Compilers
Multimedia Technology
Networking / Protocols
Object Oriented Programming
Operating Systems Oracle 9i Oracle 11i
Parallel Processing
Performance Analysis
Portability / Compatibility
Quality Assurance
Real Time Systems
Relational Database Internals
Systems Architecture
Tools Development
UNIX Kernel
Technical Writing
Course Development
Instructional Design
Marketing / Proposal Writing
Technical Editing
Telecommunications Support
Circuit Design Engineers
Custom Mobile Application Development
Data Communications
Handheld Mobile Testers
Frame Relay Provisioning
Router Support
Test Engineering
Test Technicians
X.25 NOC Technician
Web/E-Commerce Development
Graphics Design HTML / DHTML
Visual Interdev


SMARTmanage identifies your organization’s objectives, leverages best practices, and customizes a solution uniquely designed to improve the effectiveness of your staffing initiatives.

The key to any successful service management program is a thorough understanding of the Client business needs and processes. By working together as partners with the Client, RCM is able to create a complete analysis from the information gathered during the assessment phase such as:

  • Current vendors
  • Historical review of consultants employed by department, technology, location, and dates
  • Review of costs by firm by consultant
  • Review of feedback repository on consultant performance
  • Review future plans and demands anticipated by Client for the next 12 – 18 months

Once the information is analyzed, RCM implements a structured standardized program customized to the Client’s specific needs that combined; (a) management experience, (b) people, (c) process improvements, and (d) technology enhancements thus optimizing the ability to streamline operations and reduce costs.


  • Reduced overall costs to Client based on 12 months contract duration.
  • Improved productivity, performance and quality of work
  • Eliminated process redundancies assuring faster response and problem resolution
  • Streamlined communication by establishing an onsite based SMARTmanage Team
  • Improved project continuity  by providing a centralized pool of prequalified experienced resources
  • Standardized single source invoicing, timesheet collection and reporting
  • Improved staff utilization, workflow management and performance measurement

For more information, please contact:
Manish Kapoor
(647) 985-0054