RCM has a deeply etched history in serving as an Owner’s Engineer for many power and industrial clients throughout the world. We are well versed in delivering programs to many leading utilities and industrial owners.

Our professionals provide a full range of services including:

  • Management and oversight of the total project including planning, design, construction, installation, testing, fit-out and occupancy; woman engineer with helmet and tablet
  • Acting as your advisor and consultant on various project aspects and challenges.
  • Preparing technical assessments
  • Engineering for component replacements
  • Installations upgrade packages
  • Validation reports and more

The extent of the services is determined ultimately by the client to fulfill their specific and unique program requirements.

Based upon the needs of the program, RCM will utilize the latest in management technology and systems to perform the services.

In all cases, RCM, as Owner’s Engineer, is focused on ensuring that facility upgrades are executed in a way to optimize reliability, availability, maintainability and operability.