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About RCM Canada

About Us


RCM Technologies Canada Corp. (“RCMTCC”) is a premier provider of business and technology solutions. For over 30 years, industry leaders and technology companies have repeatedly relied on RCMTCC for engineering design, project management and technical support services. RCMTCC is recognized for its accomplishments with large Engineering-Procurement-Construction projects as well as smaller but equally detailed partial to full service projects.

IT Staffing and Solutions

RCM Technologies has experienced numerous waves of technological and business process advances. We pride ourselves on our successes in understanding the nuances of these advances and delivering value added solutions based on what our clients’ needs demand.

Engineering Services

Our Professional Engineering Services group provides broad-based services to clients in a variety of industries including Nuclear Electric Power Generation, engineer of record for industrial facilities and pressure boundary code work to CSA N285.0, ASME Section III, CSA B51, ASME B31.1, and B31.3. A long history and partnership with our clients has earned RCM a reputation of being a top quality provider. RCM provides the following services:

Engineering Feasibility Studies
Supply Chain and Procurement
Design Engineering (mechanical, electrical, I&C, civil, structural and specialized areas such as Environmental Qualification & Human Factors)
Field Installation support services
Project Management (EPC or variants)
Project Control (Estimating, Scheduling, Cost Control)
RCMTCC is ISO 9001 registered and has been audited to the requirements of CSA N286, CSA Z299.1 and 10CFR50 Appendix B including 10CFR21.

TSSA Certificates of Authorization

Proven Partner

RCM Technologies Canada Corp. understands that the majority of clients choose to do business with a limited number of companies whom they determine to be well qualified on the basis of their competency and value. RCMTCC has partnered with other like-minded organizations in Joint Venture relationships that have proven very successful.

Over the years RCMTCC has developed an effective range of capabilities, established a proven record of performance and credibility, and built a competitive pricing structure. This offers a compelling value proposition that greatly accelerates attainment of our clients’ business objectives.

Our combination of strong technical expertise and extensive industry knowledge and experience results in RCMTCC’s ability to bring effective and efficient solutions to the critical business challenges of our clients.

The RCMTCC Advantage


  • Large Contract Execution Experience
  • Financial & Operational Stability
  • Public Company Accountability
  • Industry Recognition & Awards
  • Established Corporate History
  • Performance References
  • Established Regulatory Interface
  • Significant Client Retention


  • Technical Knowledge
  • Service Continuum
  • Flexibility in Customization
  • Rapid Mobilization and Development
  • Strategic Partnerships and Alliances
  • Quality Assurance Program
  • Major Technical Certifications
  • North American Locations

Cost Effectiveness

  • Pricing Efficiency
  • Measurable Results

Management Team

Frank Petraglia
Division President Engineering Services

C. William Bacon, P.Eng.
Vice President & Branch Manager

Jason Burnett, P.Eng.
Vice President & Chief Engineer

Juan Laverde, CPA, CGA, MBA
Vice President Finance & Accounting

Clayton McLean, M.A.Sc., P.Eng.
Vice President Projects

Ernie Schlangen, CMQ/OE, CQA, MCSE
QA Manager Canada

Kim Calder, CHRL
Manager Human Resources Canada