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SAP Services

RCM offers more just consulting resources to support your company’s SAP system.  We provide an end-to-end solution that includes:

  • Pre-project assessment to ascertain system and organizational readiness
  • Strategy consulting to consider and advise you on business system alternatives
  • Business case development to confirm business benefits and costs
  • ValueSAP to drive your project management
  • Knowledge transfer and training to speed organizational transition
  • Tactical resource planning to provide support staff     

Our proven methodology is based on ValueSAP, a collaborative process that ensures precise implementation of your SAP solution.

  • Project preparation establishes the project team and organizes the work
  • Business blueprint designs your SAP solution and finalizes scope
  • Realization constructs the SAP solution to your needs
  • Final preparation tests the solution and prepares your organization for “go-live”
  • Go-live and support brings your SAP solution to life and provides support services

Our SAP teams are experienced and ready to help you develop an SAP solution that maximizes a return on your investment.

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