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Engineering Design Analysis

Nature of Business  

RCM Technologies Canada is a dynamic and efficient high technology engineering consulting company, which has been providing specialised design, analysis and testing services to North American industry since 1978.  RCM Technologies Canada has provided valuable tailored solutions to the following key industries: Petrochemical, Canadian Defence, Aerospace and Transportation, Nuclear and Fossil Power Generation.

Representative Activities 

Since the company’s inception, RCM Technologies Canada has been intimately involved in the design and analysis of pressure vessels, heat exchangers, pumps, valves, piping, headers, boilers, supporting structures, and a wide variety of other components.  In addition, RCM Technologies Canada has experience in general machine design and analysis of rotating equipment, and analysis of metal forming applications. 

RCM Technologies Canada is a leader in the field of applying finite element analysis to the solution of problems in structural, thermal and seismic qualification of equipment. RCM Technologies Canada offers the following specialised services:

          Structural Analysis
          Stress & Deflection Analysis
          Seismic & Vibration Analysis
          Flow Induced Vibration Analysis
          Piping Analysis
          Thermal Analysis (Steady State & Transient)
          Instability Analysis (buckling)
          Impact Analysis
          Metal Forming Analysis
          Elastic / Plastic Analysis
          Fracture Mechanics

 Analysis Programs  

Finite Element Analysis is undertaken using primarily the ANSYS Finite Element Analysis program, and on occasion the structural FEA program H3DMAP.  The AutoPIPE software package is utilized for all piping analyses.

Company Personnel                                                          

The RCM Technologies Canada, Engineering Design and Analysis Group is staffed with a team of highly experienced professional engineers. Our in-depth analysis and design expertise in varied engineering fields, including gas distribution, aerospace, and petrochemical industries, offers clients exceptional value.

Competitive Edge          

Experienced, registered professional engineers manage all RCM Technologies Canada contracts and projects.  Our broad experience and versatility ensures that your project receives the dedicated attention it deserves and the efficiency it demands. 

Our documentation and technical reports are of the highest quality.  RCM Technologies Canada has the following Quality Assurance certifications,

      Registered to ISO 9001:2000      
      Audited to requirements of NCA 4000, 10CFR50 Appendix B, CSA N286.1, CSA N286.0, and CSA Z299.1      
      TSSA Certificate of Authorization : CSA N285.0, Class 1, 2, 3 and 4 parts, components and line valves      
      TSSA Certificate of Authorization : CSA N285.0, Class 1, 2 and 3 Category A – F & H type fittings

      TSSA Certificate of Authorization : ASME Section VIII, Division 1, and CSA B-51 Pressure Vessels

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